The Sensory Dinner ◇ Cena Sensorial Dinner

The goal of JAM is to emphasize the imagination and the senses, we believe that music and food are two direct channels of connection: ex. We choose some foods or others for the sensory and emotional enjoyment that these awaken in us, we try to create a connection between the exterior and the interior. In the daytime there are many distractions that do not allow us to focus our attention on what we do or want. Jam is a whole, it is a moment, a journey, a musical, visual, interaction experience. TThe protagonists will be imagination and all of the five senses. "Close your eyes and open your mind". Each edition is an invitation that provokes awakening through hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch. The auditory experience through sound, taste with innovative gastronomic proposals The visual experience expands beyond the body's limits. The touch that is prepared to feel the environment and the smells that dissolve to penetrate the present, where the essence has no time All the sensory elements conjugate to create J.A.M just a moment We offer gastronomy, music and much more, but not only that. Sound, touch and visual experience accompany the experience just a moment). We want to present Jam as a trip where we will make two stops: • In the first part we will give freedom to imagination, the senses, reflection and introspection. We will start with a tasting dinner blindfolded without interruptions, where the protagonists of that moment will be the little things. • In the second part we will continue with the sensory dinner, we will leave aside the masks and enjoy the most cheerful and colorful period of the year. Spring, which gives us more colors, smells, sounds and joy. We want to gather all the elements that make up this station, to capture through different arts, a different experience with the aim of connecting our senses. The flavors of the sea and the mountain, will connect with the sounds of nature and the cosmos, to be able to see smell and feel the present. "THIS IS J.A.M / JUST A MOMENT". main coursers Ceviche Cusqueño Salted trout, roasted yellow pepper, ají rocoto, canchita serrana, sweet potato cilantro air and tiger milk. Tartar in our own way Semi-dry tomato, avocado dice, capers from Sicily, land of olives from Aragó, cream of burrata with the aroma of basil and vegetable chips. Thai-style Suquet Red curry fish, steamed vegetables, milk and coconut flakes and citrus aroma. ,dessert Temptation of Temptations, Chocate 70%, bitter orange, oatmeal and pistachio crumbel, merenguitos with the aroma of roses, soft cream of coconut and coulis of strawberries with mint.


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  • The Sensory Dinner ◇ Cena Sensorial


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  • Sandra2018-10-16
    Herzlichen sehr freundlich...als würde man zu Freunden kommen. Super Idee mit dem SensoryDinner ein Gaumenschmaus, mega lecker!!!Gerne wieder und danke für das tolle Erlebnis! 5
  • Marina2018-10-16
    Hugo and Gaia where just amazing. The food was exceptionell, you can tell, that he is a professional chef. For vegan an allergics he prepared seperate dishes. without loosing quality. Their kind hospitality was a very special experience for all of us. Thanks to you:-) Marie 5

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  • De 20:30 a 23:30

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Evento de Hugo

Hey! Welcome to Hugo&Gaia's place. Eating well, in all senses, it’s a pleasure. In order to have a complete experience, aside from food, good company in a nice and authentical place is what counts the most. That’s what we offer: we combine those big topics in our home, placed in the heart of Raval, one of the most genuine neighbourhoods from Barcelona. Our proposal is based on fusion food. A gastronomical trip that puts together the very best of Mediterranean traditional food with the exotic flavours from Latinoamérica. Let’s introduce ourselves! My name is Hugo, born and raised in Chile. In the last twelve years, I’ve worked in more than ten restaurants around Spain, which gave me the chance of discovering traditional, modern and fusion food. In addition, after graduating in ‘Escuela de Hostelería Hoffman’, in Barcelona, I worked at Roca Moo - house of Los hermanos Roca- where I felt closely what author’s kitchen is like. My mate, Gaia, who contributes with de sweet part of the menu, knows all the secrets of the traditional Sicilian confectionery. We are a good team working together. While Gaia leads the service, I'm taking care of the details in the kitchen. Our kitchen accepts any suggestions. Our doors are opened! Come to explore flavours, colors and smells, taking our hands and flying to our origins. A unique experience, where you are the hero! *************************************************************************************** ¡Hola! Bienvenidos a la casa de Hugo y Gaia. Comer bien, en todos los sentidos, es un placer. Para tener una experiencia completa, además de la comida, lo que más cuenta es una buena compañía en un lugar agradable y auténtico. Eso es lo que ofrecemos: combinamos esos grandes temas en nuestra casa, ubicados en el corazón del Raval, uno de los barrios más genuinos de Barcelona. Nuestra propuesta se basa en comida de fusión. Un viaje gastronómico que reúne lo mejor de la comida tradicional mediterránea con los sabores exóticos de Latinoamérica. ¡Vamos a presentarnos! Mi nombre es Hugo, nacido y criado en Chile. En los últimos doce años, he trabajado en más de diez restaurantes en España, lo que me dio la oportunidad de descubrir comida tradicional, moderna y de fusión. Además, después de graduarme en la "Escuela de Hostelería Hoffman", en Barcelona, ​​trabajé en Roca Moo, donde pude conocer más de cerca la cocina de autor. Mi compañera, Gaia, contribuye con la parte dulce del menú, conoce todos los secretos de la confitería tradicional siciliana. Somos un buen equipo trabajando juntos. Mientras Gaia lidera el servicio, estoy cuidando los detalles en la cocina. Nuestra cocina acepta cualquier sugerencia. Nuestras puertas están abiertas! Ven a explorar sabores, colores y olores, dejate llevar y descubres nuestros orígenes. Una experiencia única, donde tu eres el protagonista!

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